Paula Dinaro

Peace & joy is my natural state

Healer – Entertainer

I born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971.
Since a very early age I knew that Love is the Cure for everything, so I develop my spiritual conciseness since then.
I loves music and I love’s to dance, but being an artist it wasn’t for me a that moment. So I studie Advertising and Radio/TV Production in Buenos Aires.
In 2000 I came to USA to continue my carrier as a Publicist and Producer.

Art lover and passionate for music, and my will to help other, I created and produced many different events for the artistic community of Miami.

“Among others the ONE Campaign ( has counted with my commitment as their District Leader, volunteering for more then 10 years, doing advocacy and creating conciusness about how to end of extreme poverty.

I also dedicates my all life to study the human mind and spirituality. I had prepare my self as a life coach, leadership in  Landmark education (, and also I has been an active member for more then 13 years and part of the leadership team on Spanish Minister in Unity on the Bay (

With 25 year of experience working on the entertainment industry, in 2016 I turned my career in to the healing path.

I’m a International Licenced Sanergista (www.sanergí
A Reiki and Angel Healing and Clinical Hypnosis Certified practitioner.

I truly believes in the healing power of music, so I combine I my two  passions music and dance creating a unique method of Dynamic Meditation.  A Corporal Expression classes that merge trough music, meditation, chakras aligment, dance and all movement in between.

Now I’m  dedicating my self to help other to achieve their dreams combining her business experience, the spiritual power, the body confidence as results the strength that you need.

I’m all the good that God is, and I am here to expand it for the wellbeing of Humanity

My Vision

I see a world where each and every one of us has individual Peace, to expand it in our families, our communities, and in the whole world. Tolerance and respect for our differences. I see people living peacefully full of Harmony and Joy.

My mission

It is sharing joy.

Take this message to as many people as possible. 

Generate the re-education of the mind to create positive thoughts and experiences that take you to a higher state of consciousness. Through different therapies such as Sanergy, “The Connection”, meditation, prayer, positive thinking, NLP, body expression, Reiki, etc. Reach the connection with our Higher Self to live in harmony.

The Bubble of Paula Dinaro

A radio show with good vibes.

Every Tuesday at 11:00 am I am sharing with wonderful guests, you the good things of life, information and tools to live better.

“Dymamic Meditation, this experience has re-enchanted me, if you want to discover yourself and see that we are really lights, positive lights, come and try it. ”

Guillermina Díaz – Actriz

“Thanks to the workshops and the work we do, my knees are much better, after many months without running I could do it again without problem; I hope that with your work you continue to help many more people.”

Natalia Valdez - Arquitecta

motivational conferences and workshops, sanergía, coaching, dynamic meditation y and many more services. Contact us and we will be happy to talk.


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