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I will gently lead you to your spiritual awakening, you will learn to listen to your inner guidance and it will keep it growing until you become consciously aware. The result: to have and harmonious life.


The Law of Atraction the base of Metaphysics and the Power of intention. Sanergía has become one of the most successful metohd of Healing.


¡Your Body a Divine Instrument!

Where music, body expression and meditation are combined to reach highest states of consciousness, which improves the physical, mental and spiritual health.

Dinamyc Meditation


motivational conferences and workshops, sanergía, coaching, dynamic meditation y and many more services. Contact us and we will be happy to talk.


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Estoy sentada en el balcón de mi habitación frente al mar, en el Hotel Acapulco. Deje la puerta del balcón abierta para poder ver a Sofi, si

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“Dymamic Meditation, This experience has re-enchanted me, if you want to discover yourself and see that we are really lights, positive lights, come and try it. ”

Guillermina Díaz – Actriz

“Thanks to the workshops and the work we do, my knees are much better, after many months without running I could do it again without problem; I hope that with your work you continue to help many more people.”

Natalia Valdez - Arquitecta